Horizontal Discharge Non Tipping Trailers

New to the range of Weightlifter and PPG, is a walking floor trailer utilising the tried and tested Keith V9 floor for durability, serviceability and quick, clean discharge.

Air insulated with sides from alloy plank extrusions which is Hardox 450 lined for wear resistance, the trailer is designed specifically for the construction industry.  In tests it was trialled successfully with a variety of loads including asphalt, sand, dust and gravel.  Unique PPG Fabrications design details coupled to the effectiveness of the V9 floor system mean that operators experience best-in-class load clean-out.

Numerous safety features are designed into the product as standard;

  • Air operated underrun bar automatically lowering at 16kph avoiding the risk of the vehicle being on the road with the bar in the raised position
  • Three emergency stop buttons on each side for operator safety
  • Safety stops on the headboard access door
  • Strobe light indicating whenever the headboard is away from its parked position
  • Sheeting system is powered by the floor hydraulics negating the need for a connection to the tractor unit electrics

Other safety features are available as factory fit items which are fully covered by our warranty.

Operating efficiency is critical for your success with these products so while designing for durability and ease of operation, carrying capacity has been maximised by keeping the unladen weight down to just 8,200kg.  Should payload be more critical, other floor system options are available.