Coronavirus Update From Weightlifter Bodies

In the light of recent developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to reassure our customers and suppliers that our plan is to continue to operate all of our services as normal, within the restrictions and advice provided by the government.

We have already implemented enhanced hygiene and visitor policies throughout our facilities and would ask for your understanding of the following;

  • Wherever possible, we are offering customer and supplier meetings to be “online” rather than face-to-face and avoiding any physical contact, such as handshakes in any meetings that continue on a face-to-face basis
  • We are following all government guidelines with respect to COVID-19
  • We are undergoing regular deep-cleaning of all our facilities
  • Colleagues returning from travel, either business or personal, from a high-risk area are being asked to either work from home or self-isolate for 14 days irrespective of symptoms
  • We are limiting intra-company visits to reduce any internal risk of transmission

We do not currently foresee any impact on the continuity of our service, but should the situation change we will notify you immediately. Although we believe the actions we have put in place are appropriate for the current levels of risk, they are in constant review.

We will be in contact as the situation evolves and I thank you for your understanding.

Best regards
Nigel Butler
Managing Director